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Review: Geigerrig “The Rig”


From: Mike Hastie

Category: Pack

Product: Geigerrig “The Rig”

Review: I was first turned on to Geigerrig while asking for recommendations for a hydration pack for my first Spartan Beast. Many Spahtens rattled off their favorites, but when Nele Schulze (elite racer, Winter Death Race winner, and general badass) responded with “Geigerrig from here on out”, I knew my search was over.

I browsed and settled upon “The Rig”. Though one of their smaller packs, The Rig seemed perfect for what I needed it for. I tested it out during a few trainings with Team Mike McNeil and was very pleased. I also put it through the wringer in the 2013 Hurricane Heat in Amesbury, and it stood up wonderfully.

The time came to put The Rig through the real test, through the depths of hell (aka the Spartan Beast in VT). I filled the 2L (70oz) bladder with my Pedialyte/water solution, threw in a couple baggies with glowsticks, wetnaps, and my headlamp, and stuffed the inner pocket with as many GU’s, Chomps, and bars as I could fit.

Through droves of mud, in and out of the water, and under several hundred yards of barbed wire, The Rig held true to Nele’s recommendation. I only had to refill the bladder once during my 8 1/2 hour jaunt through the woods. The Rig was very comfortable in a very uncomfortable race, very lightweight, and with little bounce during the running portions. For a smaller pack, I was amazed at how much stuff I could cram in there without compromising the integrity of the seams/stitching/zipper. The pressurized bladder proved to be a godsend when you need to conserve every last ounce of energy for the task ahead of you. And the chest strap whistle provided some amusement when my battle buddies needed a smile!

Cleaning the pack post-Beast was a cinch. The bladder is dishwasher safe, and the pack and tubing is easily cleaned with a hose.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight, durable, and surprisingly spacious pack for your next adventure, The Rig should be on your radar.

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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