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REVIEW: Icebug Gripmasters


From: Paul Jones

Product: Icebug Gripmasters

Review: Recently, I picked up my second pair of Icebug shoes – a pair of Icebug Gripmaster’s, in a color I like to call “moonboot silver”.

Now, these are a very very different shoe to anything I would normally pick up. I normally lean towards much more minimal shoes, with as low a heel to toe drop as I can – but when we were looking over the shoes Shale Hill had in stock, these looked like they would be the perfect winter stomper – something I could use to stomp through the slush and junk when walking the dogs, or crossing parking lots – and head onto light trails.

As a shoe – they have a fairly wide toe box – certainly comfortable enough for me and my wide feet. They also have a pretty thick sole, which makes them pretty sturdy and lifts you out of the small puddles my minimal shoes get soaked in. The upper is breathable, and I don’t expect them to be super warm, unless I add socks, and they have a pretty steep heel to toe drop.

But – they are comfortable. Way more than I expected. They are perfect for driving and stomping around, and light trail hiking is no problem. The grip is pretty aggressive, but they don’t have the carbide tips many Icebugs do have (those can be added with the BugWeb system for the winter though).

Looking for something thats close to a trail shoe, but suitable for day to day wear in the winter? Call Shale Hill, they have them in stock – and being an old model, they are on close out – also, Shale Hill offers a 10% discount to all Spahtens.

I wouldn’t run in them, but I’ve found myself wearing them all the time, for pretty much everything.


Rating: 5 star (amazing)

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Icebug Gripmasters

  1. Thanks Paul Jones!! I had a good feeling you'd really like these 🙂

  2. THANK YOU PAUL for another great review!! I’m here to answer any questions you may have about these great shoes…Icebugs are quickly taking over my closet and kicking everything else out! Contact me, Jill at Shale Hill, as we have a full line of training, hiking, trail running, OCR/Orienteering, winter boots and easy wear-anywear casual kicks! (802)537-3561 or

  3. So, today it snowed. non-minimal shoes, FTW!

  4. They look comfy!

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