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Review: #ItsTheNerve

ed. note: Thanks to Michael Downey for this review and opinion on this product.

A few weeks back the makers of this product reached out to NES about seeing if people would be interested in trying out some samples of this new product at the beast. It is not due to hit the market till next June so the formula and or product could change between now and then but ill review based off the sample provided.

When we spoke with the rep about this product we were given a heads up that its a bit spicy and has some kick, when you read the label you can see why there propriety blend is cinnamon, ginger and capsicum (one of the active ingredients in pepper spray) . It is in a bottle about the size of a 5 hour energy drink and meant to be taken as a shot once you feel a cramp coming on. I myself am chronic cramper so I figure I had nothing to lose; even though I was not a huge fan of the idea of trying something new on a race.

A short way into the first big climb of the Killington beast my calf’s started screaming and I figure lets give this a try. I felt like I was doing a shot of fireball whiskey with the burn factor but after a few swigs of water my mouth cooled off and a few mins later my calf’s felt like they had been massaged and were nice and loose.

Now I know there is a ton of studies and science looking into the cause and remedy of cramps so I will be curious to see what they say about this in time. I do not know if its just the placebo effect or if this stuff is legit but when iItook it I felt results. If its priced within the $3-5.00 price range I think it will be a good buy

Rating: 4 star (good)

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