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Review: Jaybird – Freedom Sprint

jaybirdThank you, Mike Downey, for the awesome review. These seem very handy, might have to try a pair myself!

I have been searching for some Bluetooth headphones for a while to make life at the gym and races easier. So, based on a few recommendations, I picked these up. I am one who is very picky on sound and fit. I used to use the yurbuds but never liked the sound all that much due to lack of rich bass, but, the jaybirds give me as good of a sound as any sound system or headphones I’ve ever used .

These are in ear buds and the fit is very comfortable.  They come with 3 sizes of the ear plugs, 3 sizes of the comma clip that helps keep them in the ear, and 2 over the ear clips so most people should be able to find a solid fit. Synching these to your phone was super simple and quick. They bill it as having about 4.5 hrs of music time and a 2 hr charge time and so far I think it lives up to that .

As for range from device in a clear area you can be about 20 ft from the device before you have any issues. This is a good and bad thing. Bad because there have been a few times I forget my phone on the treadmill and start walking away because I am used to my phone being on me with wired phones. They don’t recommend keeping it in your pocket because body mass can affect signal and such. For road races I keep it in my right pocket ( the BT receiver is in the right ear piece) and as long as I do not turn my head to far left or right I have no major issues with signal.

I give these a 5* rating my only negative issue with them is the cord material because when your running and start to get a sweat going I find it gets stuck to my neck and any head movement causes the ear buds to pull a tiny bit.

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