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Review: Juti Bars

jutiAwesome review from Paul, when I am seriously taking to heart and will be ordering for my pack at the Beast. These sound amazing!!

Juti Bars are an all organic, gluten free, crap free meal bar – made with love in VT 🙂 I first met the man behind Juti Bar at the Unelashed open day, and despite my usual dislike for all things crunchy, healthy, granola’y and such, I really enjoyed the bar, and using our team discount, I picked a bunch of them up for the upcoming race season.

Now, I’m no nutritionist, and barely eat healthy, so this is definitely a laymans opinion. I packed four Juti’s in my pack when we hit the NJ Super, knowing I would be at walking pace for much of it, and likely out there a while. In previous long distance events, my go-to food source was sports beans, so I packed a few of those too. I prefer something I can actually eat, over something like a Gu or gel.

Juti’s are considered meal replacement bars, not snack bars. They are more expensive than a granola bar, but  even I noticed that they are considerably longer lasting. I ate a bar an hour before setting off, and had another one about 4 hours later – and didn’t really need anything else. The bar sits lightly in your stomach, so you don’t need to worry about a full feeling, or food bouncing around inside you, and it isn’t dry, so you don’t really need water to wash it down either.

Overall, I was impressed. I packed four, used two and shared a sportsbeans pack. Last year, I had beans every hour and was famished when I was done – this year, I wasn’t that hungry at the end, and didn’t even bother with the dry, burned burger they gave me.

These will be in my pack again at the Beast, and any longer distance event I hit up.

Product Info: (make sure to use your Spahten discount by typing in NESPAHTENS for 10% off)

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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  1. Juti Bar's are amazing! Love how long they last. I had them with me at Peak Ultra and handed a few out. Love how long they last and that they are not super sugary and sweet. No crash, just long sustained energy. Yes, I will write a review at some point 🙂

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