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Review: LifeProof iPhone FRE Case

Don’t have a GoPro and looking for a cost effective alternative? Matt Parker sent in this great lil review for an iPhone case that does just that! Thanks, Matt!

lifecaseThe LifeProof fre case for the iPhone 5 is a great option for those of us who want to take pictures or videos during an OCR, but don’t want to spend the big bucks on a GoPro (or similar device).

I’ve had a LifeProof case for about a year and mainly used it to keep my phone dry while running (road races).  After taking a few trips for Spartan Races, I was looking for something I could bring withe me on course to take pictures.  I gave the LifeProof case a shot while at the Hawaii Trifecta weekend.  I was able to take awesome photos and videos and never had an issue with water, mud, or dirt getting to my phone.  The fre case has a built in screen protector that works well and doesn’t have too much glare.

Overall its a great (and cheaper) alternative to a GoPro.

The only downside is that there is no connector for a wriststrap or lanyard to hang the phone.  You either have to hold it or put it in your pocket / pack.

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

4 thoughts on “Review: LifeProof iPhone FRE Case

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  2. life proof arm holster is worth looking into. Awesome design and the phone clicks right in. It even has a locking slide that when I tried pulling the phone out, felt like I was going to break the case if I forced harder then I did. You can even store the phone screen side in, so you have the back of the case exposed to the element, and in this case the camera pointing outward. I even went the extra mile and ziptied it to my Geigerrig 600 shoulder straps. Now it points down course, and my arms are free and clear. Brilliant set up worth looking into.

  3. They also have amazing customer support. Replaced a LifeProof belt clip that I broke by walking into a door frame – yep, I'm good – and within a few days had a new holster and pre-paid package to send the old one back in.

  4. Love the life proof cases. We had one of our guys back a forklift over his phone, and while the case was trashed the phone was completely intact and functional. He then “left it accidentally” at a restaurant the next day so he was angling for a new phone but the point still stands.

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