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Review: Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves

From: Ed Mangini
Category: Clothing

Product: Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm

Review: DISCLAIMER: I am notorious for being a ‘tweener w/ respect to clothes. My feet, hands, and everything else always sits between two standard sizes.

When I ordered these, I bought the large and found them slightly too big, but the medium was far too small. After some serious swaptronics over USPS, I ended up holding on to the large.

How they fit:

Despite my disclaimer, these are really awkward fitting. The rubber is very stiff, which keeps your hands in an unnatural position while running. I ended up pulling them off and tucking them into my socks while I was running.

Do they work when dry?

Not really. I found the fit and feel of the gloves very awkward. I was slipping and struggling with my grip even when dry. To be honest, the rubber is somewhat sleek, so I don’t think it is getting the friction it needs on metal/plastic when dry.

Do they work when wet?

Not at all.

This was my second and last attempt at using gloves for grip assistance. I have a pair of fingerless mechanix that worked ok at BoneFrog, but I think I’m going to stick to gloves as “weather protection” only for those late-fall OCRs.

If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Rating: 2 star (poor)

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