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Review: Merrell All Out Charge

From: Amy LaPanne

Review: Based on how much I liked my Merrell All Out Rush shoes for hiking, I decided to try out the All Out Charge for OCR. They were super comfy right out of the box. There’s enough padding at the back of the heel but it never rubbed. I wore them hiking a few times to break them in before wearing them all day (literally, all day) at the Killington Beast. The only modification I made was that I added the Sof Sole Athlete insole for some extra padding. My best battle buddy wore her Charges with the Merrell provided insole and had problems with it slipping down under her toes. She eventually took her insoles out and put them in her pack. My Sof Soles never moved and provided just enough extra padding so that my feet didn’t hurt as much as expected by the end. But…back to the shoe.

I went a half size up, knowing that we’d be going down hill a lot and that my Rush shoes were a little short, and that was a good move for me. Even with the Sof Soles inside, I had enough room without being squished or my feet sliding around (I have an average width foot).Unlike the Solomon’s, these have regular tie laces which stayed tied the whole time for me.

I remarked during the trip several times that my feet were dry all day. Drainage was excellent. Also, thanks to the tongue of the shoe being attached on the outer side, I had very little debris in my shoe. Grip was very good, too. There are lots of nubs on the bottom that got the work done both up hill and down.

Found mine using shoekicker – but noticed Nordstrom’s Rack has them on sale right now, as well as

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