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Review: NuAquos Sports Drink

nuaquosNot all sports drinks are the same. The market is currently saturated with products claiming to help you hydrate yet these same products can actually dehydrate you even more than you might already be based on the fact they are riddled with sugar. The average bottle of the “leading” sports drink has nearly 40 grams of sugar, NuAquos has half of that. The “leading” brands also list sugar as one of the first few ingredients, which normally is a good determining factor in just how much sugar is in it. There is also less carbs and less sodium. While sodium  is necessary for proper hydration, as it is lost through sweat, it’s not needed in an abundance. Like the saying goes, sometimes less is more.

For that matter, not only does NuAquos have less sugar, it has NO fat, gluten, lactose, caffeine, cholesterol or high fructose corn syrup. Wouldn’t that just make it water? Well, no! The whole idea behind this product is, in their words, to “rehydrate, restore, recover”.

So what does it have then?  Besides the fact its way more tasty than the others, I liked the watermelon flavor best, it is the first active sports drink to add protein (12g) into the mix. Yes, there are tons of containers of protein specific drinks on the market, but most of them are dairy, heavy and do not hydrate you at the same time as help you recover from physical activity.  NuAquos is also packed with all electrolytes, vitamins and mineral, amino acids and more.

This stuff is not water, it’s thicker obviously based on the ingredients. That said, it’s not thick or syrupy. The consistency is thin, similar to water. The flavors are good, like I said watermelon was my favorite. All in all, NuAquos is a refreshing, thirst quenching drink. I tried it before and during workouts, and even tested a bottle or two out during my long 10-hour work days. If seen in the store this would be my top choice over any of the sports drink monopoly companies!


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