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Review: Oakley Hydrophobic Kit

Oakley-Lens-Nanoclear-Kit-2Thanks to Mike Downey for this extremely helpful review. If your wear glasses or sunglasses during a race, read on!!

This is Oakley’s waterproofing system for their lenses. I wear the radar for races and its always been a issue that once I get water on them, they became useless and a pain to see through.

So for the past two races, I have used this chemical, and while its not perfect, it does a good job. Its meant more for runners in the rain and not people who are doing full submersion.

The coating does seem to start to wear off towards the end of the race. If your like me and HAVE to wear sun glasses for races this is a must have product to make them a lil more comftable to see through and use for events.

It is a little expensive $20.00 retail. But, for our teammates that are service members, you can purchase this through standard issue Oakley for $12.00

Product Info:

Rating: 4 star (good)

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