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Review: Pro Compression Marathon Socks

blueprocompressionI haven’t had a ton of experience with compression gear, but have been told many times by those who use it that I needed to try it. A few weeks back I got a pair of blue marathon socks from Pro Compression in the mail and off we went.

I’ve done research here and there on the benefits of compression gear, and for some out there the jury is still out. For many though they swear by it. Back in the day, compression products were mainly made for diabetics, or for those with poor circulation. Over the past few years though athletes from various sports have been using them for recovery and for better runs and performance, especially in the endurance field.

I haven’t been running a ton lately, mainly because of the hill I live on and the fact the town refuses to do anything about snow/ ice removal. But, I did recently get a treadmill and have been crushing some miles on that.

I’ve run with these on and did notice that soreness I normally felt in my shins was a lot lighter, if there at all. Having not run a ton, I wore these for a while after the run and noticed less soreness in the days after. Are either of these solid reasons that the socks work?  Enough so that I have worn them religiously since then, on and after runs. Is that scientific? No, but who needs that nonsense when the proof is something experienced?! Am I right or am I right?

At this point I have tried a few different compression socks, and have to say I enjoy the thickness of this sock. Some of the others felt light and sheer. That said, I am hoping they don’t get uber hot come summertime, but we shall see when we get there, it’s still arctic here in certain areas of New England.

I’ve even worn them on a full shift at work. Eric said too! Ok, that’s the guy that started the company I assumed you guys knew by now, sheesh! Anyway, he’s an avid golfer and kind of has this like sock fetish or something. Hey, he said it not me. Anyway, I was comfortable in them and made it through my 10 hour shift without much sweat and itch, which my normal cotton socks get all sweaty and stinky. I did notice a bit of stink, but that’s the boot and not the compression socks fault. I mean I wear the things everyday and they just get… Well, you know…

Did I tell you yet that these guys, Pro Compression, are the official compression gear company for the Ragnar Relay? Yeah that’s really cool! You got that race coming up and don’t have any compression gear to rock? Well, it’s your lucky day! They are hooking us up here… Go to and load up your cart. Use the code SPAHTENS at checkout and not only do you get free shipping but they are hooking you up with 40% off! Yeah, that’s friggin huge right? If you want other deals just scroll to the bottom of their homepage and sign up for the sock of the month club which offers a bunch of different deals. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too, they always have cool stuff going on.

I love these socks and now need to make an order for a couple other colors!!


4 thoughts on “Review: Pro Compression Marathon Socks

  1. Code doesn’t seem to be valid anymore. But code “FORTY” gives 40% off and free shipping for orders over $20

  2. The coupon code is still active, but you no longer get free shipping. $5.00 for standard shipping on 1 pair of socks. Still a good deal

  3. Just wanted to leave a comment and say that the coupon code for 40% off is still valid. I ordered 2 pair and hopefully will like them.

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