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Review: Reebok Spartan Race Compression Top

compression topThanks yet again to Lisa Cullity for the review!

I needed something for the conditions at the beast, and I broke the cardinal rule of nothing new on race day.

I bought the Reebok Spartan Race Ladies Compression top -and I’m so glad I did.  It was perfect, dried quickly, did not rip (and I caught it plenty on the barbed wire) the long sleeves protected my arms.  I slid down hills – no marks or tears.

It was like a second skin, and just as comfortable.

Only complaints- toward the end of the race the bottom started to roll up a bit – (more a reflection of my figure than the shirt) and I did get rub marks from my pack.  14-17 miles, mostly wet or sweaty, shifting all around? Yeah I’d expect some signs of rubbing.  But no chafing anywhere.

Was hesitant to spend that much on a shirt.  not anymore

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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