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Review: SafeRingz

ringThanks to Michael Carr for the great review, and a heads up on this cool product!!

I was skeptical at first when I saw a friend’s post about a rubber wedding ring. For 25 years, I have always taken my wedding ring off when I do *anything* with my hands, especially OCR races and workouts. Why?

1) I don’t want to damage my wedding ring
2) I don’t want to get it caught on an obstacle and rip my finger off, or get blood blisters from bar work
3) I hate the feeling of anything pressing on it — it really affects my grip.

But for $6.99, I figured why not try it. I had very low expectations. My ring arrived by US Mail literally as I was about to leave my driveway to drive to VT for the Shale Hill Tri-Obstaclon. I was thrilled to be able to take it with me for a trial run.

As far as looks go, it passes the 8′ test. That is, up close, no one is going to mistake this for the real thing. But at 8′, you would never know I’m wearing a rubber ring. I put it on, and of course, it felt just like a squishy version of my wedding ring — I thought it was going to annoy me the whole time and distract me, and I’d eventually take it off and throw it in the woods. I can honestly say, I wore it for the entire 7 hours, biking, swimming, and performing 80+ obstacles, most requiring tremendous grip strength. And I didn’t think about the ring once.

Ok, that’s not true, I thought about it when another racer ran up to me and showed me the same ring on her finger, in black. Surprisingly, it didn’t impede my grip at all, didn’t hurt whatsoever when I was gripping ropes and bars, and was over all just a non-issue. And it held up great. Rinsed it off at the end and it looked like I just took it out of the package.

10382038_667523263327599_4213219130286739924_oSince then, I have worn it in the gym three times without a single problem, including one very intense dead-lift and pull-up workout, one hour long boot-camp, and one kettlebell-centric workout that included a set of 300 one-arm Russian swings. I did get tear-out in my palm on that set, but no issues with my ring finger.

I am so happy to be able to show the world I am taken as I enjoy the activities that bring me so much enjoyment!

I especially like that a portion of the sale goes towards sending free rings to our service men and women.

SafeRingz has extended an offer of BOGO, so head over to enter in “New England Spahtens” on checkout and pick one up for yourself and your partner!!

3 thoughts on “Review: SafeRingz

  1. This is the second orderwe have placed with safe ringz and i must say there beautiful my husband does not like to wear a regular ring because of his wharehouse job but safe ringz allows him to have a ring he can wear everywhere i am so glad i found this website and i would reccomend anybody to this website the ringz are amazing and now i have a husband who will where his ring anywhere with no complaints so thank u safe ringz

  2. These wedding rings are so safe. If caught on something, they will stretch enough to let your finger slide out, or break apart. These are perfect for us to wear at work as firefighters and also at home roping, barrel racing, shoeing, and training horses! They are so comfortable & we don't have to worry about the dangers of wearing a metal wedding band. Thank you SafeRingz!

  3. Yes! I love my SafeRingz! My whole family wears them. We are all athletes & have very active lifestyles. We also have dangerous jobs, so it is so nice to have a safe wedding band to wear @ work! I love the silver rubber wedding band & my husband likes to wear the black rubber wedding ring. These are safe wedding bands for firefighters, police, military, electricians, linemen, mechanics, construction workers, and anyone who cannot wear a metal wedding ring to work! Love these!

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