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Review: Salomon Fellraiser

fellraiserThank you to Shaina for submitting this great review!

I found the Salomon Fellraisers for a pretty good price on Amazon and saw a good review so I figured I’d pick them up to replace my great, but too narrow Icebugs. The Fellraisers fit my wide feet pretty well, they are definitely comfortable. I like the Salomons style lacing in that you do not have to worry about tying your shoes, however I prefer an elastic lace and Salomon lacing does not allow for that. They also tend to get stuck when muddy. The shoe is actually quite comfortable, I’m used to minimal and this is not, so you don’t feel every rock and root as you run. I really enjoyed how well they did on trails, they really dig in to enable a fast up and easy downhill. However, the tread does not grip well to anything else, from wall to making a rope climb nearly impossible. For that, I could not recommend them for an OCR shoe, but a great trail running shoe, as they were meant for. The rating reflects the in between of the two!

Rating: 3 star (average)

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