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Review: Spahten Drill Shirt

thewolfThank you to Alissa Comlin for the awesome drill shirt review!

Oh, the excitement when the drill shirts are in! Ladies, before I ordered my shirt, I was searching and asking for sizing info since these are unisex and I wasn’t sure what size to order. As a customized purchase, I wanted to get it right the first time and not have to worry about returning it. Although I have not worn it to a race yet so I can’t speak for durability, I can comment on overall size and fit to help you with your purchase decision.

I am 5’10” and 153lbs, lean to medium build and, most relevant to this review, long torso. I can safely say that a size Medium fits me perfectly, and I adore my race shirt. Truthfully, a size Large would probably fit me, but would be a baggier fit which I don’t prefer. The Medium was exactly right for me. A Small would have definitely been too small.

It is a snug fit, but not uncomfortably tight. The neck opening is tighter than I’m used to, but this just provides more skin coverage during a race, which I appreciate. When it comes to racing, I’m of the school of thought that more skin coverage is better, not for modesty’s sake but for practicality. The fewer bleeding skin wounds I have, the less distracted I will be when racing. (Although if I had Amelia Boone’s body, I might rethink that.)

My favorite feature of the shirt is the length of the torso. It gives me plenty of coverage, reaching well below the hips which is unusual (and welcomed!) for those of us with long torsos. As I said, the snug fit means that it doesn’t budge much when moving around, so there’s no constant adjusting/fixing the shirt. The short sleeve comfortably covers the biceps and allows plenty of free movement, but again keeping you covered.

Add your racing name to the back, nothing feels better on the course than knowing you’ve got your own persona for the team to see! Definitely a conversation starter/ice breaker.

Most importantly, enjoy that you are part of such as awesome team and wear your shirt with pride!

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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