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Review: Trail Toes

trailtoesAnother gem of a review from teammate Mike Downey!

Do you get blisters from running? If so give this product a try.

It is basically body glide but for your toes. I have a real bad blister issue from these races and have been trying everything I can to get the issue under control. I heard about this product and figured couldn’t hurt.

It comes in a lil jar and is the consistency of Vaseline. You just apply it to your toes like you would any other ointment or cream. No real odd odor, it applies easy and comfortable on the skin.

I wore this for the NJ super and while it didn’t cure the blister issue 100% for the incline and decline we saw, and the mileage. I had very minimal blisters so I call that a success in my book!

Product info:

Rating: 4 star (good)

2 thoughts on “Review: Trail Toes

  1. Nothing but blue skies with this! Even works for long days of soccer. Blemish free feet!

  2. LOVE Trail Toes! After getting 19 blister while doing the Peak Ultra, I gave this a try at the suggestion of multiple people (and watching multiple people get through Death Race without a blister) and my feet are in the best shape ever as far as blisters and maceration goes. Guess I should write a review at some point!

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