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Review: truMedic TENS Unit PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager Unit

trumediThanks to Al Heard for the review!!

So I’m not an expert reviewer but after gushing about this I was prodded into reviewing it.

The best review I can give is this.  Saturday I did the warrior dash, Sunday it was Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow, and while the obstacles were challenging, the most difficult obstacle was as expected the mountain itself.  After a 2 1/2 hour drive home in a car where I had to stretch to hit the pedals lest I be ungrateful and upset the seats and mirrors in my wifes “mom car” which we took instead of my clown car and that only worsened my legs.

I woke up this morning and I could barely walk because everything was pulled tight and sore.  The only thing worse than my hamstrings were my calves.  30 minutes on my calves and 15 minutes on my hamstrings and I have complete range of motion pain free.  This unit is 40 dollars and comes with two sets of pads.  You can find cheap pads on amazon but the ones it comes with are reusable for a while if you can keep them dirt free.  The best 40 dollars I ever spent.

Rating: 4 star (good)

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  1. Just ordered one from Let’s see what happenes. With the Super and Beast 2 weeks apart, I can use whatever assistance I can find.

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