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Review: Vega

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The past year has been a bit of a struggle diet wise. After dealing with some health issues, ie. high cholesterol, and some shifting personal opinions, I went whole food plant based. I have not been perfect, it’s taken some major steps to get where I’m at now. I’m not going to go into that whole thing about plant based, veganism or vegetarianism and try to sway your opinion on it, what you believe is what you believe and you have the right to eat whatever you want. This review, like any other review on this site, is meant to make you aware of a product that has worked for someone. I’m sure with the over 3,600 members that there will be another #WFPB person, so hopefully this review will help them when it comes to supplementation.


mac-200x300Vega has been used far and wide by some of the worlds greatest plant based athletes. Ranging from the NFL, the MLB, the NHL to Triathletes, Runners, Olympians, Ultra Runners and even MMA fighters; Vega has become the supplement of choice for them. These are not the type of folks you think of when you think WFPB athlete, there is still that image in everyone’s mind that we are frail and skinny. It’s not the case, look to your left at Mac Danzig, season 6 winner of the Ultimate Fighter. That guy fights with the best of them now and has been a contender year in and year out.

So, Vega… Yes, if you know anything about this product line one of the first things that jumps out to you is the price. In doing research about Vega I saw all sorts of people talking about how pricey it is and how they can get this or that somewhere else. Having used the product now, and other companies products, there is a major difference in quality. Not only the quality of ingredients, but the quality of taste. There’s a reason why it costs a little more; it works. To hammer home that point, you get what you pay for. Having tested others and dealing with gas, bloating and a general bad gut feeling, I’m going to put down a few extra dollars to make sure I’m getting what I want out of a product.

unnamedLately I’ve been using VegaOne on a daily basis. I have found I have more energy, I’ve been more alert and focused. The biggest thing is my recovery from running has been lessened. I’m not an every day runner, as I sometimes wish I could be. So if I go a couple days between runs my legs are toast. Since using VegaOne that time has been cut in half! That’s amazing results and helps me get out there more. Here just a brief bit of whats in it…

  • 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals
  • 15 grams protein
  • 6 grams fiber
  • 1.5 grams Omega-3s
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
  • 3 servings of greens (the new formula has 6 servings of greens per scoop)

ProductPage_PreWorkout_Family_LemonLimeThey don’t just make VegaOne though, they have products that every supplement company has, including a pre-workout energizer. I’ve used it a few times to get me out the door when my “Procrasti..N8” brain gets going. It’s a clean energy, as you can imagine. There are no jitters, no sugar crashes. If you’re a gym person looking for a pump, this is not it. If you are looking for a stim, this is not it. It IS clean energy without any artificial stuff, it’s meant to do one thing and that is to help you push through your workout, whatever type of workout that is.

I’ve used a bunch of different products in this genre and have to say, hands down, Vega is my favorite. Not only are the products great, but so are the folks that work for them. Whenever I’ve had questions or concern, whether it be via e-mail or even on Twitter, they are always gracious and extremely helpful.

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  1. I also use the Vega One line and have had great results as well. Thanks for the review.

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