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Review: Vermont Smoke and Cure – Real Sticks

VT_Smoke_CureThanks goes to Jess, for this great review and reminder to buy local!!

Review: Looking for a Jerky stick that you know is all natural?  Look no further!  Bonus: they are made in New England – buy local!

These sticks come in 6 flavors, each is delicious and it is hard to pick a favorite!  All ingredients are all-natural and you don’t have the ridiculous amount of chewing that comes from eating jerky.   I brought them with me on the Peak Races Snowshoe Championships – they travel well and there is no concern about squishing!

Beef BBQ
Beef-Pork Chipotle
Beef-Pork Cracked Pepper
Turkey Ancho
Turkey Honey Mustard
Turkey Pepperoni

Rating: 4 star (good)

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