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Reviver Challenge


Reviver Challenge has been around a while, running their first event in 2010 and earning a reputation for being truly family friends and raising money for fantastic causes – and they have a 2014 event coming up on June 7th.

What does family friendly mean? How about no minimum age. Worried about being held up? They have three different types of wave – Elite at 10am, Tough Enough at 11am and Just Finish goes out at noon. Price? $40, for all, except kids under 18 who can run for $20.

Oh, and you can run all three heats for the same price too, if you’re quick enough.

Fantastic causes? 100% of your entry fee will go to two different charities – one helping mayan families, the other supporting local kids programs.

Cat, race director for Reviver Challenge and I exchanged emails and a phone conversation recently – read more about them.

Reviver Challenge 2013 Start Line
Reviver Challenge 2013 Start Line

Tell us a bit about Reviver.
Our name says it all:  We are a challenging race designed to “revive” your spirit.  We started the race as a fundraiser and have turned it into an all-out OCR.  Now in our 4th year, we have designed our obstacle course to attract people from all levels of fitness.  It is for all kinds and we welcome first time OCR runners.  We have also opened up our course to children of all ages.  Our youngest contestant was 6 last year and finished strong.  We believe our race is a way to demonstrate the greatness that lives in us all.  

How long is the course?
2.5 miles. The course is very hilly so it’s not an easy run.

Tall Walls, 2013

What kind of obstacles should we expect to see?
We have a lot of the same obstacles you will see in most OCR’s – the walls, tires, tube crawls and Wreck Bags.  BUT we also have some that are original to us.  We pride ourselves in our “Gauntlet” where you will turn the corner and be attacked by our Kids in the Canyon and their backpacks.  Try and make it through without getting knocked out!  We have a Mud Pit and “the Mountain.”  This is the equalizer and is not for the faint of heart. 

Do you have competitive heats and timing?
We have divided our race into 3 categories.  
10am  “Elite Runners”
11am  “Tough Enough”
12pm  “Just Finish”

What makes us different is that you can run in all three heats if you wish – at no extra cost.

Our 1st Run is designed for those warriors who really don’t want to get stuck behind a bunch of people trying to get over a wall.  The front runners will have full access to all the obstacles and won’t be held back.  Prizes will be determined in this race.  We will take the top male and female times in all age categories. 

The 2nd Run is for those who want to push themselves but don’t want to be left in the dust by all the elite runners. They are mostly runners just going out to do their personal best without worrying about other competitors.

The 3rd Run is mostly Families and Teams.  These runners are racing for the pure fun of it and are just trying to have a great time.  Team Prizes will be given for the Best Costume and the Most Enthusiastic.  Time will not matter.

If you are a seasoned OCR runner, we suggest you run in the Elite race, and then jump into our 3rd race for the fun of it.  Perhaps bring your kids along and run it with them.  Same course, but different level of competition.  You will be timed on only the first race you run.

Family friendly obstacles! Reviver 2013
Family friendly obstacles! Reviver 2013

Who do you raise funds for?
Reviver has a rich history of fundraising. The Reviver Challenge was created to support two charities that we pride ourselves in helping out.  Proceeds are donated to Mayan Families and Kids in the Canyon.  These are two groups who are in the business of helping others break through the real obstacles in their lives. Please see our “Why Run?” Page on our site:
100% of the proceeds go to helping these two groups. 
We also offer Service Vacations to anyone wishing to visit the beautiful, but poverty stricken country of Guatemala. Over 50 people have joined us in Guatemala to help distribute the funds raised through Reviver Challenge.  

How much has been raised to date?
In the three years that Reviver has been run, we have given over $26,300 to Charity. Amazing!

Reviver is very family friendly.
We want this to be a rich family experience and welcome children of all ages.  After all, the kids are the ones with all the energy and I’m sure they are sick of watching you run the event.  Now is their chance to join you along the course, and perhaps even beat you!  Crossing the finish line with my 7 year old last year, hand in hand, was one of the most bonding experiences.  We hope that you will run together.  We really are all kids at heart anyways. 

What is your course age limit?
 You just need to be young at heart!  If you’re 80 and can complete the course, bring it on!!!


Reviver is one of those races that New England is lucky to have on the calendar – locally owned and operated, raising significant money for great causes, and able to give your family a great day out. If you aren’t already booked that weekend, definitely check them out – the price is right, the atmosphere promises to be fun, and yes, we already have a team going 🙂 Check the Event page in our Facebook group for more information.

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