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RIP Zombie Charge. Welcome Heart Challenge!

logoIt’s always sad when a race ends it’s run. Zombie Charge recently announced that they would be closing shop in 2016, having sold their assets to a new owner, based in Texas. As a result, the new owner doesn’t want to take on a New England race at such short notice.

It’s a nice way for them to exit the industry – being able to sell their brand on means the brand survives, the owners get some pay out, full refunds are being offered and ultimately, no one is screwed over.

10703930_499645776841518_9183629398207770869_nTo soften the blow for people who were hoping for more miles and more laps in #racelocal, two races have stepped up to the plate:

Samurai Sprint has deepend their discount for NES members to $30 off, giving you a $49 ticket price. This is held the same day as Zombie Charge (and many were going to try and hit both events anyway!)

PrintThe Heart Challenge – owned by the New England branch of the American Heart Association, and employing our good friend Fred Smith of Smithfest Events as their Course Director – they will be held two weeks after the Zombie Charge date, and are offering a team discount, and multiple laps. This family friendly event will be a blast – and a newcomer to the #racelocal Grand Prix!

11130495_681020575354205_1173332544034910407_oCheck them both out – and maybe we’ll see Zombie Charge come back to New England in 2017?

Thanks for the memories, Zombie Charge!!

(Full details on both Samurai Sprint and The Heart Challenge can be found in their events pages – join our community and click “events” to find more!)


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