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Ruckus – Fall 5k 2012

Ruckus is almost here!

I’ll not lie – Ruckus is one of my favorite “small” races. This is one of the first obstacle course races I ever ran, back in 2010, and this year, it was my wifes first obstacle course race ever. Every year the Ruckus circus swings through Marshfield MA, I’ve been there.

What should you expect, if this is your first one?

Great spectator access! This has never wavered – they always have awesome spectator access – either from some tall stadium seating, or this year by putting the spectators squarely in the middle of, in fact – ON TOP of the course – we had to crawl through a muddy tunnel, three times, under the see through spectator access bridge.

Great obstacles! They are not so hard you can’t finish them – but expect mud. Expect some walls (with ropes). Expect monkey bars (with rotating bars, dammit), and expect ranger bars.

Expect to be wet, and cold. It’s November. This is New England – the weather looks like it’ll be nice – but thats relative. Be smart.

Here’s my GoPro footage of the 2012 summer event – remember, wifey’s first evah! She did awesome!

This is also going to be the first outing of the New England Spahten shirts! Remember that the team wave is 11am, and we will meet at the “Z” end of the checkin counters before the race. If you’re heading out in an earlier wave and will miss out – bad luck to you! Have a great race! Otherwise, we’ll be heading out as one, shirts rockin, and after that – fall into your own pace, run your own race and as you pass people, talk up the Spahtens. Point them to this website. Or find us on Facebook. Or Twitter.

And stick around for the team photos 🙂

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