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Shale Hill training and race weekend

What happens when you take the best fixed obstacle course in the world, and combine it with the biggest obstacle race team in the world?

Two days of affordable, muddy, obstacle fun is what.


Obstacle Race Training Center at Shale Hill is opening it’s doors to the New England Spahtens for a full weekend of fun on the course.

When: July 26th and 27th
Where: ORTC at Shale Hill, Benson, VT

What: Saturday the 26th 12:30pm, we meet for a four hour training session on the amazing course at Shale Hill. That night, we eat, drink and be merry. Sunday the 27th 10am, we meet for a timed, manned race. Pick 5k or 10k courses.

These are semi private events – this will be for NES and friends. Bring your friends with you!

Accommodation for Saturday night is available locally and cheaply with multiple beds and rooms in guest houses mere minutes away, or get a nice hotel room within an easy 30 min drive.

Do you have a training pass? Redeem it for Saturdays training!
Do you have a free race pass? Redeem it for Sundays race!
Don’t have either? You still get BOTH days for $85!

Registration is open (simply pick the day / days you need (redeem your passes on the day) –

Questions, ride shares, accomodation requests – check the event out:

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