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Spahten Stories: Mario DaSilva

** Editors note: This story amazed me when I first heard it, and inspired me to say the least. Through perseverance and sheer will, the man we now know has transformed himself into an elite athlete. When you have days where you think you can’t do it, it’s too hard… Remember this story! Mario is not only an inspiration as an athlete, but is truly humble. He is a friend to everyone and anyone who wants to be his friend. We here at NES love this guy and could not be prouder at the accomplishments he has made.

Before-and-After-300x236I haven’t always been athletic. Far from it, I was a beer drinking, 2 pack a day smoking, McDonald’s Eating (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 210lb slob!

When my little girl stated crawling I was playing with her and within 15 maybe 20 minutes I was winded and went outside for a smoke. As I was standing there smoking away it clicked! If I’m this tired crawling around with her what the heck’s going to happen when she stats walking and running? I put out the cigarette and quit right there and then.

As overweight as I was I took up running the next day to curb the urge to smoke and to start changing my life for the better. It wasn’t easy by any means, it was Horrible, Brutal, but I stuck with it and today 8 years later I’m proud to say I’m a lean 155lbs that can run Marathons, Spartan Beasts and anything in between then drive home after the event.

marioI guess you can say I started June 25 2011 when I decided to Run in the Warrior Dash in Amesbury Ma. I saw the ad for it in Men’s Health and figured why not it looks like fun. It was really cool running through and over obstacles all the while trying to get to the finish line through the most mud I’d ever seen in my life! It was a Blast!

I completed the race with a time of 37:15, at 1st I was like this was fun but my time was horrible of course I was comparing it to a normal 5K time. Once I spoke to a bunch of people I realized my time wasn’t bad at all. so i decided to sign up for a few more OCR’s.

I’m attracted to obstacle races because I love the challenge of the courses, the thrill of running, the camaraderie and friendships you make at these events. That’s what keeps me coming back.

My training consists of a lot of running, long runs and short speed and hill work. I also weight train a few days a week keeping it heavy. I do circuits with heavy weight to keep my body confused from getting bored.

mario2My diet is pretty strict, No Deep Fried Foods, No Beer, No Fatty Meats, No Pastries, Breads and Pastas. No Soda. I live on Fruits, Veggies, Lean Clean Meats, Fish, Protein Bars/Powders and Tofu. On rare occasions I’ll splurge a little but never ever with Deep Fried, or McDonald’s, BK, Wendy’s or Sonic.

Other than Obstacle Racing my other Athletic pursuit is Road Racing and Marathons after all that’s where my love for Obstacle racing started.

In my spare time, what very little time I have I enjoy watching Movies. Action, Adventure, Comedies, Mystery and Dramas. I don’t get into who’s playing the roles and don’t watch movies because of who’s in them. If it sounds interesting add it to my list. I don’t watch Television because of all the commercials, with Movies/DVD’s I can just stop it go to bed and resume it the next chance I have time.

ps. Peanut Butter is my Kryptonite!

pps. Abs are 80% diet!


5 thoughts on “Spahten Stories: Mario DaSilva

  1. Awesome and inspiring story! I think I saw this guy in Ohio. And everyone skipped by in the mud throwing hi 5's and all I could think is it's hailing and this dude is in a Speedo!

  2. Warrior Dash in Amesbury of 2011 was also my first OCR! True inspiration to many and an overall GREAT guy!

  3. Mario you are even more inspiring now didn't think that was possible! Rock on

  4. The only two words I can say about Mario is genuine and inspiring. Great athlete, great friend and honored to know him and Jessika.

  5. Wow, never would have guessed that he had such a 180 in terms of fitness. He was really cool when he met him and modesty stuck out as a defining characteristic.

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