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Spahten Stories: Stephen Rodericks

10547422_725327274180728_2003134098723538717_nWhen I was growing up as a child, I was most happy when I was active, running around and playing outside. Minimal serious sports, I played them at recess and even brought my own lunches (that I made) to school, healthy stuff, (I remember how hard it was to eat raw broccoli, raw carrots are fine though) life happened, and I got away from fitness and the healthy diet.

Flash-forward to 2008 (I think, maybe 2009) when a friend from work told me about the awesomeness of Planet Fitness, nice place and cheap! He started helping me workout for several months, then I was on my own.

166_92f70aaa9324285e702b3b9f704eb392_Saturday_BucketZoneAnother friend told me about the Spartan Race in Amesbury in 2012 (a month before the race). Through 2012 I got a book that I used to help me turn things around. I got up to 200 as a max, then down to 160 as a low. I did not look good at 160.

I experimented a bunch with diet, specifically a heavy calorie restrictive diet. So, I changed it again.

I started cooking everything from scratch (I think it started in 2010) focusing on nutrition. I had dropped grains that did not agree with me. No grains, and I looked tiny. I started eating grains again and looked healthier because. I’m focusing on healthy eating although still eat some junk, but in small amounts.

221_3b2acd54eb6a014c0d0c0fe99566d947_Saturday_ThirdBaseZoneThrough 2013 my friend that got me into OCR, helped me train for it. Sometime in 2013 I found this team. Then in February of 2014 I joined the Harvard crew. Through all of the people I met last year, I have made great strides and done crazy things in the greatest of company. One of the things that I have noticed is I am happiest when I am active and eating right.

This year i have planned to run a marathon. It’s my hope to qualify for the Boston marathon before I die. I am signed up for infinitus. I also have a half on my plate and basically anything fitness wise that I can cram on my plate as long as I can afford it, get the day off, and be around cool people.


ed. note : The latter should be easy, Stephen. You are a Spahten, what other “cool people” do you need? Thank you for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Spahten Stories: Stephen Rodericks

  1. Roderico suave! Glad to watch your success with the Spahtens, awesome!

  2. The spahtens are the cool people i was referencing! I love this team and all the fun things and people i meet. And everybody always tells me about the next awesome thing

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