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Spahtens forging Spahtens

Cast your mind back to Sunday. Did you do the groceries and watch the game?

How about right now? It’s dark and wet out there – watching Monday Night Football?

Instead, you could be getting forged into an elite Spahten athlete. On Sunday, a group of Spahtens hiked up a mountain in NH with close to 500lbs of additional weights in packs and logs. Right now, a bunch of Spahtens have put on their rain coats and are running up and down stairs at Harvard Stadium getting pushed to new heights and new goals.

Want in?

James Mariano and Keith Glass, both accomplished athletes in their own rights – and others, host these training events regularly. Along with folks in CT, RI and your backyard, if you want to host something yourself. Join the community of Spahten Elite Fitness.

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