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Spahtens in Outside Magazine


I’m sitting in a hotel room in Texas, talking to a journalist from Outside Magazine on the phone. He’s really interested in my backstory, and why I got into Obstacle Course Racing, and blown away by the size and scale of the community we’ve built this past couple of years. Lots of questions about what we do, who is part of it, our background and our future. It was a really cool phone call.

After an hour and a half or so, he asks for a couple of names of people who would be representative of our community, and I give him a few, and we hang up.

We’ve had similar experiences before – when NBC spent a week exchanging emails, and hours with us on race day, only for a small blip in their final show – news articles that we appear in little inserts of. My expectations were fairly low, to be honest. Such a huge publication like Outside Magazine couldn’t really be interested in little old us, could they?

Then, this article comes out. Click to read the full thing. Thank you to Spartan Race for making this happen, and choosing us to showcase – we do appreciate it!


This appears on Page 6 of the July 2015 edition – get your copy at a good news agents today.

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