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SPI Belt

I started running 3 years ago, following a couch to 5k program.  I had downloaded an app for my phone that would tell me when to walk and when to run.  Carrying it on an outdoor run sucked. I hated the arm bands, I didn’t like wearing my Camelbak just because I wanted to carry my phone, and I really didn’t like carrying it in my bra.
As I was running more and more this year having signed up for the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury, I wanted something to hold my phone while running.  I had seen on other blogs a type of band that would hold your keys and phone, I don’t remember what it was called.  This band didn’t look like it would work well with my current body type.
I found a different belt that had a small pouch much like the fanny pack of my childhood.  This belt was just big enough for a phone, a key, and ID.  It was called a SPI Belt and seemed perfect.  I hemmed and hawed and spent several weeks debating the purchase.  Finally I took the plunge and purchased one. I went with the peace sign design and couldn’t be happier with it.
I have worn the belt hiking, running, walking, bike riding, tubing down the river, it stays in place, is comfortable, most of the time I don’t know I am wearing it.  I even wore the belt under my clothes out to the bar to hold my ID, money, and cards.  I wasn’t needing to constantly check my pocket or carry a bag.   You can even get a waterproof pouch to fit inside the pocket.

I highly recommend a SPI Belt for everyone who runs, hikes, walks, and is generally active.


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