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STFU! AROO! and why burpees aren’t the be all, and end all

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 3.14.21 PMSpartans of the Northeast. It’s a facebook group, setup by marketing folks at Spartan HQ, covering Spartan Race enthusiasts in the north east region.

Like many Spartan specific groups before it, it can be a polarizing, dangerous place – especially if your bullshit meter is sensitive.

Today, that BS meter popped off the radar, when Hannah – our Happy Hannah – Hannah who would give you the shirt off her back and the shoes off her feet, then carry you through the course – was told she doesn’t deserve her Beast medal. Because of burpees.


Several people felt this way – if you miss some burpees, you somehow shamed them. You somehow took something from them. You somehow cheated. They’re wrong. Not everyone, of course – but enough to be significant.

So – here’s the deal, folks.

If you show up to a race – any race – and give it your all from start to finish, then you won. You earned your medal and your shirt. Ask Joe what he thinks about someone – someone who is pushing themselves – missing 30 burpees at a failed obstacle – he’ll be happy they paid their $50 – $100 and showed up in the first place. Thats the Spartan way.

10394061_632398138474_9190613003001877887_nOf course, people will now have a whole bunch of “what if” situations. What if you cut the course? What if you’ve only got one leg? What if you’re carried on a stretcher by naked oiled up muscle bound hunks? What if, what if, what if.

You know if you gave it your all. You know when you’re pushing out of your comfort zone and up to – and beyond – your personal limits. Thats OCR. Thats the Spartan way. Thats how to STFU. Thats what Spartan is about.

Hannah – our Happy Hannah deserves better than this treatment in a Spartan focused and led group – surrounded by people who clearly don’t know what STFU is.

Let it be known, while everyone is entitled to their own opinions and feelings in the New England Spahtens – the second anyone puts another member down in this manner … it’s not tolerated, and you won’t be welcome.

4 thoughts on “STFU! AROO! and why burpees aren’t the be all, and end all

  1. Idk when this was. But I just read it. And I'm thoroughly infuriated. Assholes

  2. It’s sad when people feel the need to tear someone down over an issue as unimportant as this. If you’re not competing in the Elite heat for prizes, then you finish any way you can. It’s called a “finisher’s medal” for a reason.

  3. I think people need to remember that OC R is a relatively new sport. I think that is the tracks a lot of people who are not in the greatest shape nor are elite athletes. I know my personal story is over 200 pounds of weight loss, and the ability to do things I never could before. I'm not great at OCR and lack a lot of upper body strength because of my weight loss, and I may not be perfect…. But. anyone who tells me my models are not earned can kiss my ass. Because I know I busted my ass to earn them and get where I am now.

  4. I will do:
    What ever I can.
    When ever I can.
    Where ever I can.
    For whom ever I can.
    For as long as I can.
    When I can no longer,
    I will build others up stronger!
    So that they may go on after me, and remember what I have shown them.

    Yoda Spahten

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