Battlefrog Miami 5k

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Parking was a 10 dollar fee and was organized pretty well.


What can I say? it was miami, Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. Crystal clear beach water and beautiful scenery all around, I can go on and on about how beautiful it was. πŸ™‚


I didn’t really get a chance to see all the vendors, but they had food, bunch of sponsors there including kill cliff and the obvious Battlefrog tents πŸ™‚

* Race Details
Let me add that this was my very first battlefrog event. I wanted to experience it in miami and it was everything i could have ever wanted in a race. To start off they had a wall that you had to climb in order to get to the start of the race. They had inspirational words that were shared by Navy seals that had us amped up to begin. There were 30 obstacles (roughly) that challenged me in a way that i’ve never been challenged before. I had to do lots of under overs, traverse walls, wall climbs, climbing through rocks, water jug carries, sandbag carries(through the water), Flutter Kicks in the water, burpees in the water, water bucket carries through the water and the sand, barbwire crawl through mud, a steep slide into water( that one had me in fear took me 10 minutes to decide to slide down. There were many more but, that was a majority of the ones that come to mind, as I write this review.

There was one obstacle( i am not good with names, sorry) that in order to get to the traverse wall you had to go from rope to rope. It made a lot of people do the body builder 8ct burpees. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and truthfully speaking, I am very proud of my medal that I recieved doing this race. It was a big accomplishment for me.

What I liked during the battlefrog event was that the volunteers were getting into the obstacles and helping people. It showed teamwork. One took someone on their back and climbed a wall, so that the woman struggling would be able to reach the gap she couldn’t do on her own. If that is not inspirational, i don’t know what is. Additionally, what I liked was that instead of running aimlessly with no obstacle and wondering” Am i there yet? what mile is this?” I was to busy to think, when i tried to think- I was already at my next obstacle. I was motivated, i was pushed and when I tried to stand up from the barbwire crawl, i had a navy seal next to me saying” get down lower, crawl through that mud, you can do it”

I have never experienced that level of motivation, encouragement and intensity in OCR that i have done especially through a 5k race.

I am amazed at how challenging this race was, how well run it was and how friendly the environment was.

What I would change-

The registration process was awful, they dont assign bib numbers and everything is just given to you on race day. No pre-race packet pickup, with 4 volunteers running the registration, it made registration completely frustrating with LONG LINES. There is a lot of room for improvement there.


There was a few obstacles that had a line to complete, and that was because of the difficulty of the obstacle and people kept trying and trying. There needed to be some regulation or rules enforced with attempting obstacles,so that the line doesn’t get to long. I chose not to do an obstacle and do the penalty because i was waiting on line for a about 10-15 minutes, I was close to the end and wanted to get it over with already.

Overall- a must do event! I am telling you it is worth every penny you spend and is definitely a race I support 100 percent. I hope my review was helpful!

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