Bridging Abilities Obstacle Challenge

Bridging Abilities Obstacle Challenge* From: Stephen

* Event Details
Parking was off site, and free, bathrooms were onsite, and easy to get to. Free child care, guest seaker, free additional laps, inflatable kids games. schwag was a shirt, medal, pen. and most importantly giving back to an awesome facility, and helping one of our own do a charity ocr, which is never easy!

* Race Details
the course was fun, and doable, borrowing obstacles from fit challenge, and from Stephen Mello’s creations, and also some help from galdiator training grounds, this was a real solid challenge from the start, with help from the local ocr community, which is what i like to see! and the money went to benefit the brideg center, in bridgewater, where the challenge too place. the bridge is a center to help children with special needs of various kinds. the obstacles were as follows: Slatted walls (two sets)
Over the fence
9’ tunnels
Log balance over bog
Log carry
Mud crawl
Ankle biters
“The Bog”
Cargo net
3 wooden horses
Walk the plank
Water bucket carry around the island
Pull or paddle pond floaties
Pick your poison
Rock carry
Pick your poison 2
Through the gate
Wheelbarrow weave with tires (in the indoor riding arena)
Slatted wall
Spider bars
Hay bales
Wall jump (outdoor horse round pen)
Big table platform
Log balance (straight and zig-zag options)
Tall black slatted wall
Tree weave
Tires in the field
Three slatted walls
Log double up
8’ wall with rope

and with some trails through the back area, and fun ways to cross water, this was a good place to be, it makes me happy to see local companies giving back like this, and racers having fun, wile helping out.They had a hiccup in the earlier waves with people getting lost, but after a quick check with finishers, problems were immediately addressed, and by the time i went through, all the spots that people had problems with before, were no longer a problem, which is more than i can say for big name races that we have all done before.

* Rating
Above Average

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