Dirty Dash 2014


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Dirty Dash at Amesbury Sports Park.

This is my first review for an OCR…

This was a fun mud run! Thank you New England Spahtens for the registration! My husband and some friends ran it with me.

Registration fee was on the cheaper side for an OCR. Not a ton of vendors and the merchandise was decently priced $6-$8 for tees and tanks. $13 for a hoodie shirt. Food and beverages looked decent and needed tickets, not sure how much the tickets were though, We did overhear that a beer was 4 or 5 tickets and a banana was (made sense)?

One thing that upset us, the email prior to race day said things to bring on a check list. Water was recommend of course. So when we packed our race bags we put a water, gatorade, and protein drink in each of our bags. At bag check they searched the bags and took all the drinks. We told them the email stated we could bring the drink items in and in fact was recommended, they agreed, and took all of them. That was a bummer. They never put a tag on it saying it was searched and yes we could have just walked past it like many others did.

Check in was a breeze, we had our pre-signed waivers as requested per the email updates and they had several lines set up alphabetically by last name.

There were trails through woods, up, up, UP hills, and down hills. The obstacles were well spread out through the course. Walls, balance logs, inflatable balance logs, 15′ cargo net, a-frame w/rope, mud and water trenches, trenches with automated (blasts of compressed air) mines, and hay bale climb, oh, and yes a beer chug obstacle appropriately placed near the end of the course and it was ICE-COLD !! Some of my favorites were the 50′ water slide and the tunnels. The course map that was emailed a couple days ahead of time had more obstacles listed on the website than were actually on the course, but all obstacles were very well run. There were some back ups at certain obstacles (slip n slide and hay bale climb/jump) but I’m sure that was due to safety reasons. There was a huge back up at the finish line, guessing it had to do with pictures and different poses being taken. At the end of the race you were given water, protein bar, a tee shirt and a bandana. The event tee shirts
were actually both women’s fit w/v-neck and men’s regular tee shirts.

We checked with others for a measure of what we’re really in for, for the Reebok Spartan race at Amesbury compared to today. They’re saying that it would be well more than twice as hard as today was, so this for us is filed as a decent lil “Fun Run” for our first time at Amesbury Sports Park.

We all had a great time!

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