Dirty Farm Run NY 2013

* From: Shaun Holmes

* Event Details
The Dirty Farm Run was held in Hudson Valley in Rhinebeck, NY. Upon arriving,parking was free,onsite,and completely hassle free.There wasn’t a bag check so having parking so close was a bonus. Registration was fast and the staff were great. On several occasions we were pointed in the direction of the hot showers (Yes I said hot) and the changing rooms. There were two food venders,and a couple other tables for business,one in fact gave out free water,granola bars and wash cloths. Another tent was set up for a band, which played in the afternoon.Spectators were free and had great views of many of the obstacles.Later in the day a race was held for all the children.
Schwag: Runners got a Cotton Tee and a finishers metal

* Race Details
This event is about fun,family and team work so was not a timed race.There were no wave times, but they broke everyone up in groups, so it was not a problem. The course was mainly flat with a round of 6,7, and 8 ft walls. There were several rounds of tires, balance obstacles,and mud pits. At times the path were rototilled after a water/mud pit so the dirt stuck to your shoes (I liked that touch). There were several over under log obstacles throughout the course.The main field had monkey bars, 2 hay bale climbs, a culvert crawl,a pond swim, and 3 of the muddiest pits I’ve come across.One pit you had a small swing out on a rope and dropped down knee deep in mud. I heard several people finished the race in socks because they lost their shoes in that mud. All the obstacles were constructed well and I never once felt unsafe during the day.
Overall: If your looking for a super challenging race, this might not be for you. If you want a fun day, with a ton of mud,and a staff that goes out of their way to help and support, and look for your input on making their race better,you won’t be disappointed.

* Rating
Above Average

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