Dirty Girl 2013

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* Name: Christine Dion

* Race Details:

First and last Dirty Girl Mud Run! Unsafe, Unhealthy, Misleading information on website!
“Plenty of free parking”= NOT! Got an email the day before stating $10 payment was required in an off-site parking area 15 mins away! This has happened in multiple states, so it’s not a mistake!
“expect safety throughout”=NOT! No safety staff/volunteers throughout the whole course! Unbelievable lack of concern for people’s safety. The majority of the course was in the woods with NO help in sight for the injured!
“dirt and water only”- DEFINITELY NOT! Cow manure smell was VERY obvious! Regular dirt does not smell like that! Many people getting sick after. Disgusting!
So upset to learn that very little money raised goes to Breast Cancer Research. You would do better to send your money directly to cause.
From other reviews, I can see similar problems in most other state events, so it’s obvious the bottom line of this company is that they are truly “FOR-PROFIT” only, and really nothing else.
On a positive note- The staff and volunteers-at check-in, bag check, rinsing station, etc were very helpful and nice.

Most of the obstacles were fun and not too challenging. My knees are bruised from the networking obstacle which was basically a horizontal rope net that you could crawl, roll, or crab walk over. This was the least fun obstacle by far. The best obstacle was a big slide into a pool of mud. I felt like a kid again and wanted to keep running up and going down it over and over again!
Overall it was a fun day with a good friend. My body is a bit sore but I know it would not be much of a workout for a serious runner like myself and my friend was a great experience for us tho now we are on to more……

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