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* From: Kristen

* Event Details
Elevated Training at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury is a nice new location for Central mass where you can train for your upcoming OCR, have fun, or just improve your physical fitness.
Very easy to get to location on Main St. in Shrewsbury, nice parking lot close to everything, they have a restaurant , and most important- BEER! : )
Season passes are available, multiple night packets, and drop in’s also welcome.

* Race Details
The course takes place on Ski Ward mountain and takes you up and down the mountain several times. There are about 15 obstacles. The obstacles are:
-Mud pit
-High wall
-Farmers Carry
-A Frame Wall with uneven slats
-Sandbag carry (with light and heavy options)
-Crawl under a tarp
-Crawl under rope (set up like barbed wire)
-Hay Bale jumps
-Hay Bale wall
-Latter Push ups
-Rope Wall
-Tube crawl

In addition to this, there will be changes weekly, and obstacles added. There was talk last night about adding rope to the course. The obstacles were not extremely difficult, but the sand bag carry and farmers carry were definitely my favorites. The terrain is pretty rough starting you at a run, and by the middle you are crawling.
The course is just over 2 miles, and you can go through as many times as you’d like.
The course wasn’t well marked at the soft opening but since has made great improvements and has a better flow. Last night I did not come across any places where I wasn’t sure where to go. Well staffed with friendly volunteers who also give you the extra push when they see you dragging ass up the hill for the 100th time.
Like anything else, this is as difficult as you want to make it.

* Rating
Above Average

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