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This event is at Gillette stadium so parking Is free and plentifully the facalities are as good as you will get in racing because since this is also a operational mall there are plenty of public indoor bathrooms and restaurants to eat at and such. they hold a health expo in the week leading up to this even throught the mall. none if it really seems to grab me but for others may enjoy it.

race schwag. if you sign up early enough you get your name on your bib along with your # ( something I really enjoy with road races) a nice very soft event TEE ( very improved from last years tee) and finishers get a very nice piece of bling. the bling is the same for 5 and 10k these past two years

* Race Details
this is hands down one of the largest events I run each year and it runs like clockwork each time, we were near the front for the start and by the time we reached over the .5m mark there were still people going across the start line. more speakers are needed at the start area so the people further back can hear

the 5k course was the exact same course as last year very flat for the first half and second half has more elevation change that just about any other road race out there with the trip all the way up to 300 level and then all the way back down to 100 level. this year they did add a few more water stops guessing that came from complaints after last years event being 90+ and first water wasent till mile 1.5 . one suggestion would be nice if they put signs before hand indicating water stop ahead and on what side because people did not see them till the last second and would have to dart across the path because first one was on the left hand second one was on the right hand and the third one was unmanned but was coolers full of ICE COLD full bottles of water.

I am not a huge fan of doing road races but this one will always be at the top of the list and if I only do one a year this is that one

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