Fitathlon Manchester CT – 2014

* From: Ellen Duffey
* Event: Fitathlon
* Date: 2014-10-04

* Event Details
Sadly, I spent the majority of this race season dealing with plantar fasciitis, so this was my first race (other than strictly road race events) of the year.
The event was on the grounds of Manchester Community College, which offered plenty of room for the 5k-ish course, parking was free, though another racer told me a “donation” has been solicited, but I was not approached for one.
Lockers were available for rental to hold bags, but with the proximity of registration to said parking, it was just as easy to go back to the car and leave your bags locked up there. Spectators were free, though thanks to Mother Nature, there really weren’t cheering crowds that day (chilly rain does not entice many fans!)
Originally this event was paired with a Brew Fest and, truth be told, that was what drew me in! However, few weeks before the event, notices had gone out that, due to liability issues, the Brew Fest was canceled AND this was to be THE last Fitathlon ever and obstacles would be for sale. That being said, I think the bit of news combined with the unfriendly elements, kept many away—no last minute walk up registrations or people enticed to give it a try. If I saw 50 people that day, it was a lot- and that includes the volunteers.
The schwag wasn’t bad, racers received a finisher’s medal as well as a nice short sleeve technical shirt.

* Race Details
The race began with calisthenics, a boot camp style workout including squats, push-ups, sit-ups and burpees, the number of reps varies by what level racer you signed up as… anything from Newbie to Competitor slots were offered.
Once you completed your allotted number (this was truly on an honor system) you hit the course for about 800m run and then the obstacles began. This event promotes itself as no mud or fire, just fitness related challenges at it lived up to its word.
The obstacles started with a sandbag carry, bear crawl and a wall climb. For me, the most challenging was the ¼ mile of walking lunges, mostly uphill! From there, some old favorites familiar to those of us in OCR (inverted wall climbs, weighted sleds, tire flips, traverse walls) appeared, interspersed with running. For a complete list of obstacles, check out:
The course was well staffed with volunteers who offered encouragement and it was great to wear my drill shirt and get some recognition on the course, from racers to volunteers alike, people know who we are and it felt great to be there as a member of the team.
The event was not timed so even if one entered at ‘competitor’ level, your only true competition was the course itself. Overall, it was a fun event and perfect for my first foray back into OCR. I am sad to see it go but happy I had a crack at it before it left the race scene.

* Rating
Below Average

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