Frigus 2015


* From: Beth Jones

* Event Details
The event took place at Blueberry Hill Inn and Ski Lodge up in Goshen VT. We had an option for 30 people to stay in the loft of the ski lodge and at the Inn itself. (I chose a place close by) Parking was easy and free. PLENTY of space, even with all of the snow piled everywhere. Check in was also easy and fast. Schwag was some cool stickers and a VERY nice tshirt. I really loved the shirt – very soft and comfortable. The bibs were really cool. They were tyvek running bibs that went over the head so your number was clearly visible from front and back. Medals were really nice – and big! I liked that the medals weren’t event specific. Post race had snacks and chili. They sold coffee and such inside the ski lodge. They also rented snowshoes to those who needed them.

* Race Details
The race was very unique. There were several options – a 5K sled race (lots of fun for families who took their kids), a 10K, 30K, and 60K snowshoe race, and a 10K, 30K, and 60K ski race. I opted for the 10K snowshoe race. They staggered the starting times so I found zero issue with crowding on the course. The trails were reasonably packed but not super groomed. The course was pretty well marked. There were only two places where I could’ve taken a wrong turn but saw additional signage to keep me on course. They made excellent use of the terrain. While much of the course was relatively gentle, the last mile and a bit had a steeper climb and a great downhill section. The variance in the course made it challenging but not impossible for someone with limited experience on snowshoes. It was a course where snowpants came in very handy for me as I spent most of the downhills on my backside sliding down. 😉 It was very scenic and beautiful and a very good time! I’ve already signed up
for next year!

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