Insane Inflatable 5k – 2014

1403568_679347532110714_509282688_o* From: Jane Smith (Ariel)

* Event Details
The event was held on the U Mass Dartmouth campus. This was a GREAT idea since there was ample parking ($10) and plenty of volunteers on hand, although it would have been nice to have some signs pointing you in the right direction to the race. There were the standard port-a-potties that are their own special breed of YICK but no lines and plenty of toilet paper. Lots of tiny free schwag in the form of pens, hand sanitizer, Fro-Yo samples, bottles water, lanyards, etc. A few tens selling items and the Race themed items had some nice choices. Check in was easy and the volunteers helpful and friendly. Bag check was free.

* Race Details
This was advertised as a 5k, and it might have been but in truth it felt like about a mile. There were a plethora of super fun bouncy ‘obstacles’ to go over, under, across, through and slide down. There was only a line at the final slide which did move along nicely, and since the race was untimed it didn’t matter. This would be a fantastic race for families looking to get a little exercise and have some fun, the course was flat and VERY easy and the obstacles were entertaining rather then difficult. If you don’t like mud, are looking to do an obstacle based race for the very first time but more want to have fun then challenge yourself then this is the race for you. Another HUGE bonus was that the entire course was open to spectators. You could easily move around the course without getting in the racers way. As a racer you could also jump back in and hit the obstacles again. This is a bonus for anyone who wants some extra bounce time or has kids who want to ‘do it agai
n’. At the end you get the standard banana and water, finishers t-shirt and a cool medal. I wouldn’t pay full race day price for this event however I would sign up again next year at the discounted price with my kids.

Comparing this to ROC race: ROC race had better, more challenging obstacles and it felt like a 5K. but ZERO spectator viewing, no changing area, no schwag, and no finishers medal, plus VERY pricy.

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