LoziLu 2014


* From: Ariel “JaneSmith”

* Event Details
Lozilu is a women’s only obstacle race. The vibe was FUN! People dancing and having a great time. Parking was easy and clearly marked. There were cops stopping traffic to allow folks to cross the road. Totally AWESOME that they had free frozen yogurt bars at the end of the race as well as chocolate. They vendors had LoziLu merch but a good variety of stuff. Also there was a personal care type station where there were mirrors, q-tips, cotton balls, lotion, and yes…..feminine products, all free for anyone who wanted/needed them.

* Race Details
The race was untimed which led to laid back, fun atmosphere. I think one of the best things about the race was the fact that they had music along the entire course! Yup they dragged generators out into the woods so the music never stopped. The obstacles were not all that difficult and really based more on fun however there were a few slightly challenging ones. My hands down favorite part of the race was the trek through the stream. You could ‘swim’ or as my group did, dance and splash, down about 1/4 mile of crystal clear water. The volunteers were fantastic and clearly having a blast themselves. There were lots of places were spectators could view and cheer. There were a few inflatable slides mixed in with more typical walls, cargo nets and climbs that added to the course. One of the negatives is that you have to pay for photos. Personally I think race photos should always be free. You pay for the event and you should be able to have photographic documentation of
the fun without paying ridiculous prices for a 4×6. Anyway I would highly recommend this race. Get a team together, bring a friend, sister, mother or daughter, wear a silly costume and enjoy the day.

* Rating
Above Average

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