Miami Super Spartan Race 2013


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Corrine Giordani

  • Event details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag etc):

This race was held at Oleta State Park in North Miami Florida
Parking : I can’t say much for parking because I volunteered and got free volunteer parking.
Facilities: The park was very easy to find, located close to hotels and beaches.
Oleta was big, well cared for, and full of trails for running. Spartan made good use of the whole park, sending us through paved roads, beaches, rivers/swamps, and woods.
The only drawback to this venue was they did not allow fire for the fire jump and no spear throw. Sad Panda 🙁
Spartan Race had the standard festival area up for this event. Fun, organized check in, and a good DJ to get you pumped up for the race.
Spartan Race has changed the t shirt design for this year. It’ s cool I think folks will be happy with it.

  • Race details (course, obstacles, difficulty etc):

Trail running, that was the main feature of this race. The obstacles were mainly placed at the beginning and near the end of the course.
For a New Englander the biggest challenge to this race is the heat. Running in humid Florida heat during February will throw you off.
This was my first Spartan Super so I find it a little hard to grade. It’s twice as long as the Amesbury Sprint but   felt like it had fewer obstacles. It’s worth a trip down down to Florida if you need to get away from the snow but stick to.the New Jersey Super if you want to save a little on your race budget.

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Above Average

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