Montreal Super Spartan Race 2013

* From: Mark Gearin

* Event Details
The Montreal Super Spartan Race was really north of Montreal (90 miles or so) and held at Mount Trebalnt.  There were plenty of places to stay and a few of us were at the Comfort Suites Inn about 15 minutes from race site.  The parking was on site and there was plenty of it for $5.  Registration was ok and a little disorganized.  Bib numbers were hand written and assigned as you checked in which made the process a bit slow.  We had some people that needed to change heats and they accommodated that  without hesitation.  The facilities were ok.  There were ample portapoties  but some lacked toilet paper and sanitizer.  The vendors and real food were lacking and there was no beer sold on site (Next year we pack a cooler).  Wheatabix was giving out samples but I did not get a box.  The tech shirts at the end are awesome except if you want an XL as those are not the same quality.  The staff were friendly and very helpful. but the course was hard to getg medics out to people that n
eeded them.

* Race Details
The course was 9.2-9.3 miles of awesome  muddiness.  The hills seemed never ending and the single track was hard to get around some slower competitors.  I believe the vertical climb we over 2800 feet and you felt every inch of it.  There were some really hard down slopes and the rains for the week before the race made the trails extra slick.  Trail shoes made a huge difference.  My Inov-8’s were worth their weight in gold.  I watched several other racers slide and lose footing all over the place in regular sneakers.  The Obstacles were good.  some different things that I haven’t seen.  3 sets of monkey bars, suspension ladder, tree climb, lots of carries (Sandbag, ammo box, water bucket and others)  while the carries weren’t over big distances but the terrain was hard.  there were 2 water crossings, the first was waist deep but the second was an all out swim in deep water for 100 yards.  There were a few walls, a gorilla hoist, an excercize station of winding a weight up with
your wrists, a scale up a rock face, spear throw, hay tunnel crawl, a tube crawl, a run on a wooden walkway that was partially submerged and so much more.  The real challenge was the Mud mud and more mud.  Some of it was waist deep and the footing was miserable.  the barbed wire crawl through the mud was epic.  If you rushed you were buried in it.  there were several wipeouts on the trails and people were covered frrom head to toe.  The ending of the race was absolute hell.  The last 1/4 mile consisted of a 8-10′ ft wall into a 30 ft hay bale crawl then run to the second swim.  You then came up the beach to the fire jump to the “Rig” of hell.  Rings, a rope climb, and a Tough Money bar series.  You then had a slippery wall climb then through the Gladiator pit.  I loved the race.  It was technical and had lots of single track running and mud for days.  The obstacles were fair and plentiful.  I really enjoyed the race and will definately be back if they host a super again.

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