Rails to Entrails NH – 2013

 * From: Kelley Havey

 * Event: Rails to Entrails


 * Event Details

Rails to Entrails is a 5k Zombie themed obstacle race held at The 4H Center in New Boston, New Hampshire.  This year was the 2nd annual race and this time, they included a one mile kids race.

Parking was on-site, easy and free, so there was really no need for a bag check. The event website said there would be food and vendors, but I personally did not see what was there. I had my kids with me and it was raining and chilly and we left right after I finished. It is worth noting that they had a covered and screened area with tables and they had ACTUAL bathrooms! Wonderful! There were a few areas for racers to hose off.  There was a live band playing on stage and that was nice to hear as I finished the race. There were photographers along the course and pictures were up on the website the next day. All proceeds from the race will benefit the New Boston Rail Trail.

Early registrants got a free T-shirt, no medals.  At the finish line, there was free water, apples and yogurts.


 * Race Details

The 5K race started with all of us in a dark barn.  They opened the barn doors and we were off.  There were lots of various things to jump over and crawl under. Since it was held at 4H grounds, zombies were popping out of horse stalls and out from behind barns trying to snatch our flags. The course included water obstacles, a tight-rope walk, huge piles of rocks and sand dunes to run up and down. The terrain was BEAUTIFUL, you can’t get much better than NH woods in the Fall! It was mostly, single track and not cleared out very well, with sticks, roots, and rocks all over. I can’t complain, I LOVE running through the woods!  There was a nice, big hill toward the end of the race that provided a little extra challenge. The last obstacle was a water slide, but it was closed off by the time I got to it. I was not disappointed since I have been hurt twice at Amesbury on slides. I did not find the course to be difficult, but it was tons of fun!

As far as the kids race, it was definitely the most fun my kids have had at a kids race. They got bibs with timer chips and belts with flags just like the adults.  It was one mile with fun obstacles, lots of mud and the water-slide was working for them!  Parents could easily watch the whole race. The zombies actually chased them (and I saw a few kind zombies helping little ones out of the sticky mud.)  There were no medals or T’s, but they got a drawstring bag with candy and a comic book and pin.  Yogurts, apples and water at the finish for all the kiddos, too.  My three Spahtkins (ages 12, 8, 7) and my niece (5) have not stopped talking about the race.   Another huge plus, it was nine dollars per kid!  It was a great family event!


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