Renegade Run – 2013


* From: Michelle Lombardi
* Event: Renegade Run
* Date: 2013-12-01

* Event Details
The parking staff was very straight to the point, and fast, to pointing out where to park. (Something us racers want to get over with, ASAP)! They were also very polite.
The visitor center where the main headquarters were, had ample room for the amount of runners, a big function room (good meeting point, stretching place, and warming up place) also served as a good eating place for after the race. The bathrooms could of used more upkeep, but i have seen worse, The set up for the race was easy enough to navigate as far as registration, etc.
I actually really enjoyed the vendors, Bought a great hoodie/jacket suite (Positive Project), got some coupons for , and most definitely enjoyed the complimentary MOE’s buffet-style tent!!!
Love the fabric of the racer shirts, very comfy!!!! Love the cause!! The medals were great!!
I want to add Volunteers/Staff:
(because, after-all thats what is the backbone of this machine):
Absolutely very helpful and encouraging to say the least!!!!
And i just want to add that the photographers were on point!!!!!!!
I also appreciated the advertisement of MassMayhem, which i signed up for right afterwords!

* Race Details
I think the distance was ‘just right’ for this time of year, terrain, and lived up to its expectations!!!! if not more.
I found myself challenged with the right balance of obstacles intertwined with distance at this right, it was spectacular with the amount of walls!
I thought it was a great course, an overall A*, maybe some more obstacles in the future…But everything else just awesome.

* Rating


* From: Hannah Hawley
* Event: Renegade Run – 2013
* Date: 2013-12-01

* Event Details
After a harrowing drive down from Vermont, the venue was easy to find, parking was free, and the Ranger directing us to park was extremely helpful.
Since the roads were less than stellar, I arrived with less than 15 minutes to register, find a bathroom, and get to the start. I passed a woman who asked if I was a Spahten, she was too. Her name was Cathy, and she pointed me to registration and I said I would see her at the finish.
With so little time, I didn’t have a chance to check out the any of the vendors who were set up before heading to the start line.
The t-shirt was soft and comfortable.
After the race, the vendors had picked up but there was still a bit of the pulled pork and sausage with onions and peppers and hot chocolate. Was the perfect way to warm my body back up.

* Race Details
The course was relatively flat alternating between pavement and trail. I prefer trail but did okay. Met up with two new Spahtens, Mindy and Barbara, and Cathy and we spent the majority of the obstacles together. Each of the obstacles were well built, stable, and with a touch of assistance on some, I was able to complete all of them except two. I know those two I could have done on my own and with assistance.
At the monkey bars, Cathy was just enough ahead of us that she was on the bars and reaching for bar three when she fell. We all ran to her and she was laying down, the volunteer at the monkey bars was taking off for the start for help. Cathy had appeared to have broken her ankle. Despite how much time felt like it had passed, a nurse was there within minutes, a rescue truck with staff arrived minutes later and it was only approximately 20 minutes before she was back at the start in an ambulance.
We ran the rest of the course with her bib so she could get her medal!
I found the course to be fun, challenging for me, and was extremely impressed with the response time of the emergency personnel.

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* From: Jeanine Peirce

* Event Details
Parking: Free and on site.
Benefit: TypeOne whose goal is to increase public awareness and to find a cure through research for type 1 diabetes
Facilities: Indoor plumbing.
Vendors: Whole Foods, Tennesee BBQ & Core Power were handing out freebies. b Positive had a few tables of very nice clothing for sale
Schwag: The brought out the bling this year. Nice medal! The shirt was also upgraded to a 100% polyester that is soft & comfy. The race provides breakfast foods and hot chocolate too.

* Race Details
Last year’s distance was short of 5k, this year’s was close to 4.5 miles (thank you!). Most of the course took you over the paved roads of Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, MA. There were trails, old railroad tracks and some small hills on the course too.

The obstacles ranged from easy to more challenging. The easier ones were climbing over tires, crawling through tubes, working your way through webs of ropes tied off to trees and balance beams.

The best change was all the new obstacles they built: 2 different sets of multiple walls. The first set were for over/unders where we went under horses and over the smaller walls. The second set were taller (6′ maybe). Note: multiple walls in a row for both sets. They also added cargo nets-one bridge and one A frame and monkey bars. The monkey bars were not stationary. The bar spun a bit as you grasped it which caused me to stop and rethink my strategy to get to the other side.

This race really built itself up from last year. I would love to see it use more of the trails and get us off the paved surfaces as much as possible. The staff/volunteers out on the course were extremely supportive and encouraging.

This race is in my backyard. I wish it continued growth & success and look forward to racing it even harder next year.

* Rating


* From: Keith Blanchette
* Event: Renegade Run
* Date: 2013-12-01

* Event Details

The event was held at Wompatuck State Park in Hingham. There was plenty of  parking at the event, the facilities were very suitable for this type  of event and the schwag given away at the event could rival amount, quality and type that was given out at much larger better known races. One aspect of this race that was far and above other races that I have run in was the food. There was coffee, bagels and other breakfast items from Honeydew before the races and BBQ from Tennessee’s after the races as well as bananas, energy bars and the  like.

* Race Details

While I did not run the course in the prior year, I did hear from various people that this year’s event was a much better event as a whole.The course itself was average from a running prospective with an estimate of 30 – 40% of the course being on pavement but there were various hills and trails to break up the road race aspect of the run. The obstacles on the course were very well build and there were an adequate amount of them on the course. Most obstacles that you would expect to see at a well designed OCR were there from multiple 6 foot walls, cargo nets and money bars just to name a few.

The one downside to the race was the fact that it was advertised as a 4.6 mile run and my GPS on tracked it as 4.3. It is one of my per peeves, if you are going to advertise a distance please make sure the race holds up to the advertisement. There certainly are differences in GPS tracking and my GPS could have been incorrect.

With all that being said for this being the second time this race was held, it was well organized with plenty of volunteers, it had a great facility from the location to the vendors and the run itself is worth coming back for next year. I would recommend this race to anyone interested in a race to build up to a Spartan intensity race.

* Rating

Above Average

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