Review FAQs

Writing a review for the New England Spahtens is easy to do, and an incredibly valuable way of providing feedback to both the race director and the entire OCR community.

We actively encourage everyone to leave a review after each OCR they participate in – even if it’s something short and sweet.

Logging in

For spam reasons, reviews are limited to people who have an account with our website. If you’ve ordered from our store before, the chances are you have an account. If you do not, or don’t know your password, you can click “logged in” to register, or send yourself a reminder.

A review is comprised of two mains parts.


We rate events on four categories, and an overall. Each score is a sliding scale to 10.

A blank score indicates “not applicable”.
A score of 1 is terrible.
A score of 5 is average.
A score of 10 is perfect.

Examples of each category:

Communications – Pre-race communications. Email, social media etc. Were you informed? Did you know your bib number? Did you get a waver? Did you get all your addresses and times?

Venue & Festival – What was the parking situation like? Did they have enough porta potties? Did the DJ rock the show? How about food and drink? Shelter and changing facilities?

Course & Obstacles – What was the terrain like? Were the walls stable? Did the course run too short? Was it marked adequately?

Swag & Awards – What quality was the T Shirt? Were there enough medals? Did they treat the biggest team right?

Overall – Would you go back, and would you take a friend?

Text boxes

The RACE box is where you indicate which event you’re leaving a review for. Example: “VT Beast 2015” or “FIT Challenge IV”

The COMMENT box is your review box. This can be detailed and go into the reasonings why you rated them as you did – or brief, simply acknowledging a job well done.