Ruckus Sports – Fearless Fall 5k 2012

  • Name: Paul Jones
  • Event details:

Parking had moved to the main fairgrounds – which meant tons of space. Although they still wanted $10 for it.
Quick check in lines, plenty of porta potties, awesome food vendor and great free beer post race. Some clothing vendors, but nothing special. Bag check was odd, just leave your bag in a tent with no supervision.
The medal was awesome, the long sleeved, white cotton T, not so much.

  • Race details:

Fast 5k course. Some challenging obstacles (ranger bars), but not much mud (good, considering the temperatures). Plenty of walls that didn’t pose too much of a challenge. Ropes on the big ones.

The finale, Mt Ruckmore is always awesome – pretty much the same configuration as the summer race for this.

Missed were the monkey bars (good!) and the airloops (sad …), but also missing was the prize winning featured obstacle they ran a competition for. Wonder if we’ll see it in the summer?

Still, good challenge, quick course.

  • Rating: Excellent
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