Spartan Race: DC Sprint 2015

spartanlogo* From: ROBERT LANDMAN

* Event Details
SR Washington DC Sprint, didnt take place in Washington DC, big surprise , where was the Boston Sprint? Super? It took place at Maryland International Raceway, ~ 1 hr south, think Raceway Park Englishtown meets Southwick….. There is one main road in , i recommend if youre not camping there, at least stay North of that road as if you stay in Dahlgren , where we did, 20 min away, South, you have to cross a bridge which has 4 lanes going in to tolls, into a “single track” each direction over the ( not so ) Nice bridge, named for former governor Nice, took us almost an hr to go 1.25 mi, i heard 2 hrs from others later in the day staying at same hotel. Parking was onsite,getting there early we ended up at the far end of the dragstrip all told probably 3/4 mi walk to reg. you could see the rig obstacle on the far side of the track. Usual SR layout, didnt stop by merch, i have enough finisher shirts. SGX, Spartan Rig, Organic Valley , Tom Tom…

* Race Details
#1 obstacle was not advertised. It was this big ball of gas 93 million miles away, along with some humidity. Im very good about managing my hydration, but i was being taxed even before race time, and we went out at 8 am, first wave after the elites…. First race this yr with Dustin as MC, which was a positive in my book, in the same spirit we workout with music that motivates us. And when he advised us there were bees on the course, and we should bring epi-pens with us, im thinking great im going to die at an SR due to a bee sting,lol,..SR has more obstacles at its disposal so they get to mix and match as well as using the terrain, …Probably about 1100 feet total elevation change, there were 7, 8 ft walls, A frame, atlas carry and double log carry ( as seen in palmerton) both with 5 burpees at the half way point, stairway to sparta, sled pull, 3 bag herc hoist, sandbag, bucket of suck, both relative short but through the woods, dunk wall, slip wall, rope climb with and without knots, spear , Z wall, monkey bars, and their new rig, same configuration as palmertion except, the last ring before the pipe was switched with a baseball suspended for the guys, softball for the ladies, the trick was if you didnt have long arms and couldnt reach, grab the rope above the ball so the ball was a stop and then proceed, felt good to kick the bell…. …. there was a little more shoe sucking mud than i personally enjoy, barbed wire crawl immediately before the fire jump…. 4.66 miles 228 out of 7400 + , ill take it… post race the usual banana, finisher shirt, medal, builder bar,….etc One last thing, we purchased a couple pair of PUPS from Jill Butler at Shale Hill at the end of May, and have been using pretty religiously, and even as a lifelong powerlifter , this has significantly upped my grip strength in ways that dumbbells and barbells haven’t, and has had a positive impact on my ability to handle the grip obstacles….

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