Spartan Race – New York Tuxedo, Sprint #2

* From: bob
* Event: Spartan Race Tuxedo Week #2
* Date: 2015-06-07

* Event Details
5th yr running the race, so for once didnt need to look at directions to get there Parking lot dried out after last sundays deluge, glad my network guy talked me into playing pickup hockey that morning……Usual parking across street from venue, pretty seamless , including race day reg, as i ran with the big boys this morning for the first lap.
As usual/ new for them , last yr or so venue specific race wear.( i have enough finisher shirts dont need to give them more money) Other vendors noted: Titan Tea, i liked the lemon vs raspberry, Tom Tom race watches, Organic Valley Protein drink ( chocolate OK) – Save the bros- if you havent seen their video on youtube, its good for a laugh, Panasonic had their 360 degree video thing,..

* Race Details
Had new MC, not the same vibe as TC or Dustin, but i may get used to him…Started in same location as last yr,…5 big climbs, 3 smaller climbs, total of 3200 ft elevation change., 4.82 mi,…. 2 barbed wire crawls, bar to ropes to bar ( 30 soul sucking burpees each lap) Z- wall traverse .., 3 bag herc hoist- but it felt light( vs same at temecula) , military hurdle, 8 ft wall, spear, sandbag, bucket of suck ( killington steep but short , lots of gravel on the path,made it dicey) stairway to sparta., memorization station – same as Killington beast so it was a gimme(( but they didnt have that in the elite wave) …..rope climb only real obstacle in festival area… No real area to open it up running .. Personally I felt it was the hardest SR ive done at that location, and based upon my finish time, id say so.

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