Spartan Race Sprint – Tuxedo 2014

* From: Jim Will
* Event: Spartan Sprint Tuxedo

* Event Details
Parking for this event is always easy. The only gripe is that you have to walk about 1/2 mile from your car to the race. This is better than a shuttle bus, but a lot of people were already struggling with the hills walking to the venue!

There were also toilets in the parking lot, toilets in the reg area, and plenty more in the venue. This is much better then a lot of other races I have been to.

There were two Spartan merch booths. Can’t speak for the food and drinks as I did not venture inside to see.

The new 2014 Spartan shirts are really nice! Feels like a good blended cotton and fits pretty well.

* Race Details
This course sucks for me! It is all up and down with little to no flats for jogging. This was my worst race last year and probably my worst this year, too. We started out much further down than last year and went right up the hill. We looped around and back down to the starting line where we had monkey burpees..I mean bars. These went flat, flat, up, down, down, up, up and fall. Not easy for my 260lbs!

This is where I wish I wrote this last week, Basically we went back up through the woods, and up the hill. We had the OUT, and tractor pull, high knees through tires, 7′ wall, ect. No log hop or tire drag…even though the tire drag was on the map… Oh yea, a 25-30ft cargo net! that was a good view!

After mile three Spartan decided to kick some ass. We got down to the new monkey net. This is basically monkey bars, but with a flat cargo net. The net moves with everyone going across and you had to ring a bell and drop into 4ft of water. Water station and then the Herc Hoist. This is one obstacle I am 100% on. They switched it up and used “Demo Bags” full of sand instead of cement blocks. The men had 100lbs and women 70lbs. Inverted wall was next, first time I have needed a hand on that one.

Next was the barbed wire. Last year I hit my wall in the middle of the crawl and do not remember finishing the crawl, or the rest of the race… This year I was fully aware, and it sucked! Long, uphill, very low in spots, and you could only roll at the very end. Brutal! Spear throw was right after. A lot of people were doing burpees here ( not me!) and you could tell people were drained. I knew I had just over a mile left and it helped me push along.

We went back up the hill to the traverse wall, and back down to the 8 ft wall. We headed back down to the beginning for the rope climb…and then back up…thankfully there was nothing too crazy for the end. I believe we just had the slip wall, fire, and finish.

I know I missed stuff in this review. At some point we had a sandbag carry, tractor pull was single track and slowwwwww! There were more walls, no real water obstacles but some muddy trails. I only got through this because of my battle buddy, Tom Kelly aka “That Guy.” He waited for me so many times. By the end his knee was hurting him bad and I was waiting for him. If you ever need a hand he is more than happy to help!

Tuxedo is a great event; it kicks my ass, makes me regret going in the middle, and makes me want to come back by the end. I look forward to next year.

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