Spartan Race – Tampa Special Ops Sprint 2014


* From: Mike Maynes

* Event Details
$10 parking was onsite and included a reasonable walk, which is always better than a shuttle bus. The festival area had all the usual areas such as merchandise, sample obstacles, food/beverage, etc. It could have been more spacious, but it did have large shade tent. It could have used additional food/beverage vendors. Protein bars, drinks, & bananas were plentiful at the finish line if you wanted them. There were a few tanks, a helicopter, and a few other military icons peppered around the outside field area. Bright sunshine was abundant by late morning bringing temps into the low 60s.

* Race Details
The best part of this face was the atmosphere. Athletes were totally into this one. The large stadium was used well for ramps, stairs, and concourses. A large field next to the stadium was used a handful of obstacles as well. The mix of obstacles included:
Over Under
Over Under Through
7′ wall
Traverse Wall
Hobie Hop
Sand Bag Carry
8′ wall
Nerf Football grenade toss
Barbed-wire crawl 80+yards littered with shells, barrels, military ornaments. No mud, just sandy dirt.
Herc Hoist
Atlas Carry
Rolling dirt mounds
Ammo box carry
Inverted Wall
Spear throw
Rope climb
Slippery Wall
Fire Jump
Gladiator Pit

This was a 3-4 miles course in total. I missed the rowing machines, ball slams, box jumps, monkey bars, 2″ jump rope, and cargo net. Those obstacles could have boosted my rating to Excellent. Overall this was a terrific stadium/traditional hybrid, giving athletes a solid serving of the Spartan Sprint experience. Finishers received a unique Tampa Special ops medal, as well as the 1/3 trifecta medal.

* Rating
Above Average

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